Murder in Daylight: Farah Hamza Akbar's Killer to be Hanged

Published July 11th, 2021 - 09:04 GMT
Kuwaiti women raise banners during a rally in Kuwait City. AFP
Kuwaiti women raise banners during a rally in Kuwait City. AFP

Say to say it’s the stuff from Hollywood movies! Only this time it’s for real. The murder of Farah Hamza Akbar in Kuwait shocked the nation and the Arab world for its intensity, horridness and brutality.

The fact her killer and long-time stalker Fahad Subhi Mohammad now stands to be hanged is no consolation for the 32-year-mother who died in callous cold-blood by his hands.

The perpetrator, who had been charged with first degree murder which carries the death penalty, created national, regional and international news for the way he carried out the crime without the slightest hint of remorse. He was determined to carry out his murder simply because Farah Hamza and her family couldn’t but reject Fahad Mohammad who wanted to marry the young mother despite having already had a young daughter.

The case is a sad one because Farah Hamza seemed to have slipped out of the Kuwait legal system of protection – police station, courts and prosecution – who somehow downplayed what became a devastating harassment issue long before the killing of the victim who was finally stabbed in the chest and left to die outside the steps of a hospital in Kuwait.

The case started as one of sexual harassment continuing for as long as a year when the perpetrator began to harangue Farah about the issue of marriage. The family was forced to go to the police registering two consecutive complaints but the man wouldn’t give up. The harassments continued despite police orders that he shouldn’t go near the family.

After the first complaint filed, he was arrested and then set free but the harassment continued despite the fact that he signed a pledge not to go near the young mom and her family. But it became a nightmare for Farah Hamza as his nitpicking became endlessly disturbing from a man who claims to be working in army intelligence and studying psychology.

The final blow was the most devastating, deadly and bloody, Farah in one car with her daughter and niece being followed by her sister, a lawyer who made constant complaints to the police to stop this man she felt he would do something evil to her sister. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, he chased them, managing to skid past her sister’s vehicle and onto Farah’s car at top speed with kids screaming. He eventually managed to catch up and ram his car into the victim’s vehicle where time stopped and chaos took over.

He quickly grabbed Farah and dragged into his own car and fled. To where no one knows. The tale is sketchy what happened to the kids no one knows. But the next thing that is reported she is outside the steps of the hospital gasping her last breath before dying. No one could saves her. The evil deed was done.

Her killer quickly fled but soon the police got hold of him and he confessed to the crime he committed and so began his court hearing. This could be one of the most heinous crimes Kuwait has experienced. To follow someone, get into her car, kidnap her and leave her for dead outside a hospital would make anybody hair stand on end. The sheer audacity of the man is unbelievable.

Kuwait, nationwide, could not believe what had happened and how such a madman could live with their neighborhoods and communities with protests held by women outside parliament calling for protection. But unfortunately for Farah Hamza this was too late. The failure of the local authorities not to act decisively and determinedly to stop this maniac may have ended her life.

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