The New Fashion! Social Media Users Dress in Shopping Bags in Latest Lockdown Trend

Published May 10th, 2020 - 05:55 GMT
#ShoppingBagChallenge has gained popularity on social media . (Instagram)
#ShoppingBagChallenge has gained popularity on social media . (Instagram)
#ShoppingBagChallenge has gained popularity on social media

Creative fashion fans have been making their own dresses out of shopping bags and sharing their attempts on social media. 

Women from around the world have taken part in the trend as they find novel ways to keep themselves busy during lcokdown. 

In one snap a woman who is believed to be from France, shows herself wrapped in Asda's bag for life. Elsewhere, a woman from Russia poses alongside her daughter in shopping bags as they read a book.

Participants of the challenge have been using #ShoppingBagChallenge and #PaperBagChallenge to make their post go viral.

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