The Photographers Risking Life and Limb in Palestine

Published February 16th, 2022 - 10:44 GMT
The Photographers Risking Life and Limb in Palestine
Israeli police detain a man as Bedouins protest in the southern Israeli village of Sa’we al-Atrash in the Neguev Desert against an afforestation project by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), on January 12, 2022. Israel's government today sought to ease tensions with Bedouins over a controversial tree-planting project in the Negev desert, following days of unrest that marked the latest test for the fragile coalition (Photo by Ahmad Gharabli / AFP)

News photographers (photojournalists) working in the occupied Palestinian territories routinely risk life, limb and imprisonment to show the realities that Palestinians face. While the following list isn’t all-encompassing, it includes some of the photographers of the past and present who have dedicated themselves to telling Palestinian stories.

Ahmad Gharabli

Ahmad Gharabli is a photojournalist working with the international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP). You’ll find that many of the powerful photos coming out of Sheikh Jarrah recently can be attributed to his work.

Khalil Hamra


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Khalil Hamra is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist who works for the Associated Press (AP) in Gaza. His recent work highlights the devastation that Israeli airstrikes have brought on Gaza.

Mohammed Abed

The Photographers Risking Life and Limb in Palestine
Palestinian players with disabilities, part of a football team organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), take part in a training session in Gaza City on December 2, 2021. Football players in the Gaza Strip used crutches and prosthetic legs Thursday to stretch, run and dribble as part of the first-ever Palestinian national team that hopes to qualify for the Amputee Football World Cup. (Photo by Mohammed Abed / AFP)


Mohammed Abed is a Palestinian photojournalist who has worked in the Palestinian territories for years. He worked for Reuters from 1991 to 2001, began working for AFP in 2003 and has continued working for AFP ever since.

Much of his work shows what daily life is like for Palestinians living in Gaza.

Adel Hana

Adel Hana is another one of AP’s photographers based in Gaza. He has worked for the Associated Press since 1993 and continues to cover Palestinian stories to this day.

Ronaldo Schemidt

The Photographers Risking Life and Limb in Palestine
Israeli security forces use a water cannon to disperse Palestinian residents of the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah and supporters as they demonstrate, on Feb. 13, 2022, following a visit by a controversial far-right Jewish lawmaker that inflamed tensions. Police said they arrested eight people during the day for suspected involvement in "public riots and violence," in the area of annexed east Jerusalem that has emerged as a symbol of Palestinian resistance against Israeli control of the city. (Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP)


Ronaldo Schemidt is a Venezuelan photographer working for AFP. He has worked extensively out of Venezuela but has recently been operating out of Jerusalem. Like Gharabli, Schemidt’s photos show some of what is taking place in Sheikh Jarrah.

Mohammed Salem

Mohammed Salem is a Reuters photographer covering stories out of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories. His photos routinely capture the raw emotion and violence that can be seen in Gaza.

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Another photographer working for Reuters in Gaza, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa has made photos that are both disturbing and powerful in content. His photos show some of the brutal violence Palestinians have experienced at the hands of Israeli forces.

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