UAE: Driver Receives Over $60,000 Payout After Crashing His Luxury Car

Published October 7th, 2020 - 05:22 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
The car owner went to the highest court in Abu Dhabi.

A man took an insurance firm all the way to the highest court of Abu Dhabi, demanding that it pay the full price value of his luxury car, which was badly damaged in an accident. The court, however, turned down his plea and awarded him Dh223,000 in compensation, upholding earlier rulings.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation ruled that the insurance company should pay only for the vehicle's repair and other expenses following the accident.

After the crash that caused major damage to his car, the driver went to the insurance company to file a claim for full compensation, court records show. However, the firm rejected his claim, prompting him to go to court.

Technical experts appointed by the court evaluated the vehicle and found that it could still be repaired. They added that Dh223,000 would be enough to fix the car and rent a similar vehicle for the duration of the repair.

Both the court of first instance and the appellate court had earlier ordered the insurance firm to pay Dh223,000 as compensation. The car owner, however, was not satisfied with the verdict so he approached the top court.

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