UNICEF warns of fallout from Turkish-Syrian quake

Published February 20th, 2023 - 08:04 GMT

ALBAWABA - UNICEF warned about the consequences of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on children, amid fears that they might contract cholera after losing their homes and potable water.

A United Nations Children's Fund statement reported by media outlets asserted that the families of about 8 million children, in Syria and Turkey, are facing difficult conditions.

It said that the families have lost their homes, and do not have access to drinking water. As a result, those children are at risk of various threats and diseases.

On the day of the earthquake, UNICEF published a report on its official website about possible risk factors for children.

It pointed out that the destruction of homes and the displacement of families will contribute to exposing them to a very difficult weather conditions, especially at this time of the year, whereas temperatures drop dramatically amid great chances of snow and freezing.

Not to mention the possibility that schools, hospitals and medical facilities may have been damaged or destroyed by the earthquakes, which will further affect children as well.

In Syria, in particular, UNICEF asserted that the economic crisis in that country, and the mass displacement following the Syrian crisis, left two-thirds of the population in need of assistance, especially with the food insecurity crisis, and dependence on alternative and unreliable water sources.

With the hit of the earthquake, fears of the spread of diseases increase greatly, especially water-borne ones, specifically that they pose another deadly threat to affected children and families in Syria.

Last year, a cholera epidemic was declared rapidly spreading across Syria, and children were particularly vulnerable.

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