Viral Videos: Gaza Bleeds From Big Israeli Guns

Published August 6th, 2022 - 12:16 GMT
Gaza (Credit: Anadolu)

ALBAWABA - Gaza is under fire from the big guns fired by the Israeli army. This is just the latest of the wars waged by Israel on the embargoed Gaza Strip. There is a very definite stalemate in Gaza with Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the one hand and Israel, its big army and numerous guns, missiles and bombs on the other. 

Israel is determined to show the people of Gaza - the old, infirm, the women and children and yes, the young men - who is in command. The people of Gaza have no guns to defend themselves but are at the mercy of Israeli planes whose leaders promise that so-called military operation on the strip will last for at least one-week of continuous bombardment.

It is the kids of Gaza who are under attack. There is no discrimination; Israeli guns, warplanes and tanks aim to show who is boss but to little kids and helpless women:

And there is more but Israel needs to watch out because Islamic Jihad also promises to give as good as it gets. The Israeli military operation started on Friday afternoon 5 August, 2022 a date that will be remembered as her latest and 5th major war on the territory:

Israel destruction continues regardless but Al Jihad Al Islami says it will hit in a responsive manner. On the first day for instance, It fired over a 100 rockets to reach different Israeli cities. Tel Aviv was reached so Israel's prestigious Ben Gurion Airport. Israel's Iron Dome system is working hard but many of these missiles are reaching their destinations:

A Palestinian mom cries for her son. The initial Israeli attacks killed 11 people with around 50 injured but these numbers are increasing all the time as there is no compunction on the part of Israelis to stop, although its Prime Miniter Yair Lapid says his country is not interested in escalation:

But there is plenty of destruction and rubble as if Gaza needs more:

The pictures are horrifying with many saying this is Gaza made so by Israeli bombs and not Ukraine:

My brother is a shout in the wild as if anybody is listening:

All must stand by Gaza:

It is the people of Gaza who are feeling the pain:

Gaza bleeds:

A five-year-old kid murdered because of Israeli shelling:

Gaza under fire:

The tears:

The martyrs:

The funeral:

The waste:

No electricity: 

Its women and children under fire not bearers of arms:


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