Woman Finds her Lost Class Ring After 40 Years

Published August 15th, 2019 - 09:27 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
US Woman reunited with lost class ring 40 years later.

A woman whose class ring was lost in a Nebraska high school bathroom 40 years ago was reunited with the item thanks to a radio show and a classmate.

Laura Jackson enlisted the help of a KHAS-AM radio show when she decided to find the owner of the Adams Central High School ring that had apparently been in her home for decades.

Jackson said she is unsure of how the Class of 1979 ring ended up in her jewelry box, but her late husband was a janitor at the school at the time and might have brought it home after finding it.

Willa Rundle heard the radio broadcast and contacted her daughter, Robin Schilling, who was a member of the same graduating class. The pair got into contact with Jackson and Schilling immediately had a suspect when Jackson revealed the initials on the ring were "K.F."

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"Kerry and I had been tight since fourth grade, so I shot her an email asking, 'Are you missing your class ring?' and she got very excited," Schilling told the Hastings Tribune.

Kerry Jones, formerly Kerry Foelgner, said she had taken her class ring and a sweetheart ring from her then-boyfriend off while washing her hands at a football game during her senior year at Adams Central. She said she didn't realize until about 10 minutes later that she had left the rings on the bathroom sink, and they were gone when she returned.

The ring was returned to Jones just in time for her 40-year class reunion.

"That was a really special time in my life going to Adams Central High School: A lot of amazing memories. So to get this back is really a treasure. How do you put a measure on that?" she said.

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