Woman shoots dead another for parking spot

Published February 20th, 2023 - 01:18 GMT

ALBAWABA - An armed woman fired her gun at another woman following an argument on a parking spot in South Carolina.

The victim, identified as Alexandria Chris Boris, 26, began putting her grocery bags in her car after shopping at a supermarket.

An argument ensued with Christina Harrison, 23, who fired at Boris, while her children watched, killing her instantly.

No information was immediately available on the argument, except that media reports suggested it was over a parking space.

Harrison fled the scene before calling the police to turn herself in about 90 minutes later.

The perpetrator was charged with premeditated murder and unlawful possession of a pistol during a violent crime.

The dead woman had two children, 2 years old and an infant. Both were with their mother in the car, when she was shot dead.

Boris's husband, Tyler, said that shortly after the argument ended, his wife was shot in the back, while the children were sitting in the car. 

He launched a fundraising campaign to build a memorial for his late wife.

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