World Environmental Disasters: What Can We Expect For 2021?

Published March 2nd, 2021 - 10:48 GMT
Environmental disasters in February
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At least 51 people killed when glacier breaks in northern India, Europe's tallest active volcano Mt. Etna erupts.

February saw a host of environmental disasters, including floods in Turkey and Japan, a powerful volcanic eruption in Italy's Mt. Etna, and heavy monsoon rains in Indonesia.

Here is a timeline compiled by Anadolu Agency.

Feb. 1:

- The US northeast is in the midst of a massive snow storm with some areas expected to receive up to 2 feet of snow.

Feb. 2:

- Heavy rainfall in western Turkey floods some parts of Izmir province, leaving two dead.

Feb. 8:

- Twenty-four Moroccans die when a textile factory in Tangiers was inundated with rainwater, according to state-run Maghreb Arab Press.

Feb. 9:

- More than 180 people are still missing in major floods that hit northern India two days after a piece of a Himalayan glacier breaks off, officials confirm, adding that the death toll now reaches 28.

- Turkey's largest city Istanbul is hit with a heavy storm, with trees and roofs toppled.

Feb. 14:

- The death toll rises to 51 from the glacier break in India with more bodies recovered during rescue operations, according to the Press Information Bureau.

Feb. 16:

- Bitter cold across the US causes an unprecedented energy crisis in years in the world's largest energy-consuming country as nearly half of the US population are under a some type of a weather alert.

- Heavy snowstorm starts affecting northern Japan and causing flooding and transport disruptions in the country.

Feb. 17:

- A cold front with record-level snowfall continues to cause major problems in transportation, power and water supplies in most parts of the Attica region of Greece.

Feb. 18:

- Libya sees first snowfall in 15 years as cold snap hits parts of northern Africa and Middle East.

Feb. 19:

- At least 47 people lost their lives in the US due to ongoing extreme winter weather, according to The Washington Post.

Feb. 21:

- Heavy monsoon rains cause massive flooding in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, with parts of the city under 1.2 to 2.7 meter (3.9 to 8.8 feet) of water.

Feb. 22:

- More than 100,000 people are affected by flooding in the state of Acre, northwestern Brazil, after rivers in the region breaks their bank fins the last week, according to reports.

- Israel is cleaning up black tar that wash ashore on its beaches following an oil spill which is called one of the worst environmental disasters in its history.

Feb. 23:

- Mt. Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano in Italy, erupts.

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