‘Extra Muros’ at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

Published July 30th, 2019 - 11:31 GMT
‘Extra Muros’ at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery
‘Extra Muros’ at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

Dusseldorf-based painter Driss Ouadahi returns to Lawrie Shabibi Gallery for his third installation, ‘Extra Muros’ (Outside the Walls). Explore this new collection of paintings which mark a notable shift from his past explorations of social structure to geometric shapes and light.

Ouadahi’s early works were founded on themes of class, religion and ethnicity. His work embodied faceless, modernist buildings in Algeria that segregate their inhabitants from the surrounding urban landscape. These collections conveyed the sense of otherness he felt upon returning home after leaving Algeria for his studies and the physical boundaries he discovered.

Date 15 May - 01 September 2019
Category Experiences , Arts
Venue Lawrie Shabibi Gallery
Telephone +971 346 9906
Ticket price Free
Admission 10am-6pm
Website https://www.lawrieshabibi.com/exhibitions/66/overview/


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