‘We Are Not in Europe’! Menna Arafa Was Scolded by Her Sister for Standing up to a Harasser

Published September 5th, 2019 - 09:12 GMT
Menna Arafa and her sister where harassed by two men during Ramadan Source mennarafaofficial Instagram
Menna Arafa and her sister where harassed by two men during Ramadan (Source: @mennarafaofficial Instagram)

Egyptian actress Menna Arafa revealed that she and her sister were harassed last Ramadan, explaining in a TV interview that they decided to go out to buy some supplies.

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She added that while they were walking on the street, they were surprised by two men, one said abusive comments to her sister, which led Menna to stop and defend her, pointing out that they were wearing modest and not dazzling outfits.

The young actress added that she couldn't do anything but scream, which got people to gather around them in an attempt to break up the fight, as she was almost beaten.

She explained that the harasser did not recognize her at the time; because she was not wearing any makeup, expressing her shock by the reaction of people who gathered around her and her sister and blamed them for replying to the man.

"I was scolded by my sister for the reaction of people, which in not always in female's favor" Menna said, adding that her sister said the justice I am looking for would not happen because we are not in Europe, and no one would defend me.

About the appropriate action that she thinks shall be taken regarding such an incident in the future, she said that she would seek help and go to the police to get the harasser punished by law, and that she would not be as impulsive in her reaction rush not to be put herself at risk.

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