7 addictive Arab web series you need to watch now!

Published December 2nd, 2015 - 02:02 GMT
Tima Shomali as the star in the Jordanian comedy web series "Female." (YouTube)
Tima Shomali as the star in the Jordanian comedy web series "Female." (YouTube)

Already binged through House of Cards? Feeling like watching something more on the Arab side but can’t find a decent shows coming out of the Middle East and you’re over Turkish soap opera’s predictable rape plot line? There’s good news! There are a bunch of amazing Arab web series that consist of thought-provoking stories and quality laughs. Here are a few relatable web series you can binge watch.

1. Beirut, I Love You 

Beirut, I Love You follows a group of millennials chasing their dreams and struggling to survive the never-ending chaos that is Beirut.

2. Watan a Watar

Who said Palestinian can’t find humor in their own misery? This sitcom follows the highs and lows of the ridiculous world Palestinians live in that the rest of the Arab world can actually relate to relate to.

3. N2O Comedy

Taking on everything from dating to your mama, the brilliant minds behind Kharabeesh take a humorous approach to addressing the trials and errors of life in Jordan and the rest of the Arab world.

4. Al Mohayesoun 

Al Mohayesoun serves up a much needed dose of comic relief for the Middle East as the boys take on ridiculous and humiliating challenges across Egypt.

5. Shankaboot

Shankaboot is an inspiration from the underdogs, as the unlikeliest of friends stumble and triumph through Lebanon day by day… on a delivery scooter.

6. Fe-Male

Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl tricks boy into marrying her. Fe-male takes on the hot mess known as love in the Arab world.

7. Fasateen

From the creators of Beirut I Love YouFasateen brings together three women from very different walks of life as they face the complex realities of love, motherhood, religion, illness and life as women in Beirut.

By Samar Marwan

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