Emirati Abdullah Balkhair Goes Off Haifa for Younger Carmen!

Published April 23rd, 2012 - 02:25 GMT
Abdullah Balkhair, Carmen, Haifa Wehbe
Abdullah Balkhair, Carmen, Haifa Wehbe

Abdullah Bilkhair’s crush on Carmen Suleiman spares Haifa Wahbi from his admiring advances, as the UAE singer transfers his (unwanted) gazes to the newly crowned Arab Idol champion. 

In a celeb gossip special, it transpires that Egyptian young singer and winner of Arab Idol, Carmen Suleiman has managed to steal the roving eye of controversial Emirati Singer Abdullah BilKhair who has issued several rather personal comments expressing his admiration and love towards Carmen.

The ultimate mark of his devotion came a couple of days ago when he headed to Egypt on a mission to woo his chosen fancy-woman and Egyptian flavor of the month. He travelled to publically seek the marriageable hand in marriage of Carmen, with a dowry of 10 million dollars in tow.  A proposal noone would refuse, right? Wrong, when her parents waded in to their daughter's rescue, by rejecting the offer.

Haifa relishes the trade-off

On the other hand, it seems that Abdullah BilKhair’s affection for Carmen comes at the expense of one Haifa Wahbi, who would appear to be last season's choice of Arab celebrity for this Emirati older man. Abdullah BilKhair has traded in Haifa Wehbe for a younger model! 

Haifa, accustomed to unwanted attentions of many a male groupie or Twitter follower- (while seasoned in professional rejection of her own, when projects have flopped) expressed her delight and relief on her personal Twitter page, sighing: "Thank God Abdullah BilKhair is off me”.


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