Emam fights to bring back the 'army' to his film

Published August 2nd, 2012 - 09:00 GMT
Adel Emam in military fatigues
Adel Emam in military fatigues

You'd think the King of Egyptian comedy actor Adel Emam could handle censorship lately or has at least come to expect it, after his brush with the court on his un-Islamic 'acts'. But the outspoken actor is not impressed with the deletion of the word “Al Jaish” (The Army) from the bulk of the dialogue to his current television drama “Firqit Naji Attalah” (Naji Attalah’s Gang).

A number of satellite channels airing the show have cut-out the word “army” - a point of consternation for the hell-bent actor. Emam considers the rude interference of Arab satellite channels in the integrity of his script unjustifiable, stressing that the drama had already passed the real-slasher authority of Egypt. Since the Egyptian Censorship Committee - technically the only entity authorized to make any changes to any work - had no problem with things as they stood, Emam is displeased to have to compromise the original lines to TV station-prerogative.

The unruly actor revealed that he has been receiving positive feedback on the drama, and promised the audience many more surprises in store in the upcoming episodes.

Emam reports that he is not fazed by the fact that the drama was pirated by a number of Israeli internet websites and translated into Hebrew. He reasons that such actions show if anything that the show succeeded in disquieting the Israeli community.

The drama portrays the details of life in the underground tunnels between Gaza and Egypt -- the passageway for people 'imprisoned' in Gaza by the Occupation imposed by Israel.

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