Adel Imam celebrates new film

Published February 18th, 2007 - 07:07 GMT

The production company ‘Good News Group’ has announced the launch of filming the first scenes of the new film “Marjan Ahmad Marjan” starring prominent Egyptian comedian-actor Adel Imam.


The company will be holding a  grand celebration at the end of the current month at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo and the cast will be meeting with the press and representatives of different television channels to talk about the film.


According to the London based Elaph, Adel Imam will be costarring alongside prominent Egyptian diva Mervat Amin, who will mark her return to the cinema after an absence that had lasted for years.


The film is written by Yousef Al Ma’ati, who had worked with Adel on previous films the last being “Al Safara Bil Amara” (The Embassy in the Building), and direction will be by Ali Idrees, who had directed Adel’s film “Al Tajruba Al Dinmarkieh” (The Dutch Experience).


The new film revolves around a corrupt businessman who is uneducated and attempts to complete his education and in the process becomes so infatuated with his professor whom he respects and a relationship begins between them.


The film is scheduled to be out during the summer season, which is the normal time Adel likes to launch any new work.


Adel latest film “Imarit Ya’qoubain” (Ya’qoubain’s Building) is nominated by the Ministry of Culture to represent Egypt in the 2007 Oscars Awards ceremony.

It is the second Egyptian film, in the past three years, (to be considered for the Oscars, the first being “Sahar Al Laiali” (Up All Night). The ministry revealed that the film was chosen among 33 different films because it truly reflects Egyptian life.


“Imarit Ya’qoubain” was screened at the Berlin Film Festival last February in the Panorama section of the festival along with 20 other films from around the world.  Few Egyptian films have been featured in the festival, the most notable being “Alexandria Why” by prominent director Yousif Shahin in 1979.


Scenarist Waheed Hamid garnered some of the most prominent names of the Egyptian cinema for the film, like Nour El Sharif, Summaya Al Khashab and Yusra. 


The film is based on the novel by Dr. Alaa’ Al Aswani.  The plot centers on fighting corruption, Adel plays the role of a high ranking official who is suspect.


Recently, Imam paid prominent actress Sharihan a visit to ensure that health condition was stable and improving. Imam visited Sharihan at her home in Al Mansoura and stayed there for over an hour.


During the visit Adel and Imam began retrieving shared old memories from their journey in the entertainment world.

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