Adel Imam nominated for the 'Beginning and End'

Published September 18th, 2006 - 12:38 GMT

The Egyptian Media Production City is negotiating with Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam to play the leading role in the new television drama "Bidaya wa Nihaia" (Beginning and End), based on the novel by Najib Mahfouz.


Currently Imam is preparing for a new television drama to be aired during the holy month of Ramadan, written by Yousif Ma’ati and directed by Mohammad Fadel.


The plot revolves around social issues faced in everyday Egyptian and Arab life, such as marital affairs, unemployment, and more political matters like the Palestinian crises.


According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Adel will attempt to provide solutions to societal problems concerning younger generations, such as finding good jobs and their desire to immigrate to the west in search of better opportunities.


The administration of the 56th International Berlin Film Festival has decided to screen the Egyptian film “Imarit Ya’qoubain” (Ya’qoubain’s Building) in the Panorama section of the festival along with 20 other international films. The film features some of Egypt’s most notable actors like Adel, Nour El Sharif and Yusra.


Its appearance at the festival will be the first international screening of the film, which is scheduled to be released in Egypt this summer.  The Berlin festival will take place in mid-February.


Few Egyptian films have been featured in the festival, the most notable being “Alexandria Why,” directed by Yousif Shahin in 1979.


Scenarist Waheed Hamid gathered some of the most prominent Egyptian actors for the film, based on the novel by Dr. Alaa’ Al Aswani. The list includes Summaya Al Khashab, Laila Elwi, Hind Sabri, Ahmad Rateb, and Ahmad Budair.

The film is about a high ranking official, played by Adel, who is accused corruption.



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