Adel Karam: I Was Scared of My Role in Al-Hayba Al-Rad and Nimr Al-Saeed Took Over Me With Family and Friends

Published December 22nd, 2020 - 07:28 GMT
Adel Karam: I Was Scared of My Role in Al-Hayba Al-Rad and Nimr Al-Saeed Took Over Me With Family and Friends

Without any doubt Adel Karam had achieved a smashing success as Nimr Al-Saeed.

Lebanese actor Adel Karam confirmed that his participation in Al-Hayba Al-Rad series was different, and increased his popularity since the series had achieved a wide spread and super high viewership.

Many viewers thought that this is Adel's first time acting, but in fact it's not, as he previously took part in Dollar, Sukkar Banat, Turab Almas and Numra Tnain.

Karam added in an exclusive interview with Al-Sharq Al-Ekhbarya Al-Arabia channel  that he was very frightened at the beginning of his participation in Al-Hayba, not because he will stand before a group of talented artists such as Taim Hassan, Dima Kandalaft, Mona Wassef and others, but because he was afraid that the audience would hate his character 'Nimr Al-Saeed' because it's evil and cruel, and Jabal's crowd would take a negative stance against Nimr.

He continued: "But God blessed me and people received the role with great admiration. We saw their reactions on social media, and I think that Taim and I formed a peer-to-peer duo and it was really fun, I really enjoyed working in the series and I hope to meet with Taim again in other series."

Adel pointed out that he had the freedom to play with the character 'Nimr' to modify it in the way viewers saw it, adding that it gave him more experimentation.

About the director of Al-Hayba 'Samer Barqawi', Karam said: "I call Samer the great, and this is my second cooperation with him after Dollar. He attracted me since he started his profession, and I wished to work with him, and this is what I achieved, and it was a fruitful cooperation, hoping that we will work together in the future."

Karam stated: "The role of Nimr Al-Saeed lived with me since last spring, as we had to stop filming in compliance with preventive measures after the spread of Coronavirus, so I turned into Nimr at home and with family and friends, and the role and its spirit  completely dominated me."

He continued: "I was very hard-pressed to keep my inner Nimr alive during the long hiatus from filming, and for all the scenes to be on the same level of professionalism and performance."

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