Adham Nabulsi Opens up About His Decision on Retirement

Published December 22nd, 2021 - 10:43 GMT
 he deleted 10 songs from his official YouTube channel
he deleted 10 songs from his official YouTube channel

New updates have been released on Adham Nabulsi's retirement by ET in Arabic.

It was revealed that the Jordanian artist's decision to retire is not new news to the singer, ''Frankly, this decision is in my mind from the first time I entered the field of art, and those close to me know that I always say there will come a day when I will retire from music and stop everything''.

And he added: "But every time I postponed the decision to a certain extent. and God has helped me to reach this point today, we can always fix our mistakes''.

Nabulsi, announced that he deleted 10 songs from his official YouTube channel, which achieved millions of views earlier, after his decision to announce his retirement from art, pointing out that he is currently seeking to delete the remaining songs.

The artist also said in statements to a Jordanian channel that he was not comfortable in the field, and that he felt that he can't continue his career, however his words were explained in more than one way and one of them was that he forbade art and music.

Adham assured fans that he is not qualified to rule out these matters saying he is neither a 'mufti' nor a 'sheikh', and that he made a mistake and he was judging himself.


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