After the Morocco Milk Incident, Nancy Ajram Tries to Stop the Backslash With These Words

Published July 3rd, 2018 - 01:45 GMT
Nancy's concert in 'Mawazine' festival was pretty successful and sold out (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)
Nancy's concert in 'Mawazine' festival was pretty successful and sold out (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)

Written by Zaid Bawab

Nancy Ajram sent the Moroccan audience a message of love, after the criticism she faced after some described some of her actions as arrogant and snobby. 

Nancy Ajram posted a picture from her concert in 'Mawazine' festival on her official Instagram account and commented on it saying "all the love and support for the beloved people of Morocco and a special thank you to the Moroccan audience that was happy and made me happy at Mawazine, We sang and stayed up in a night of a life time, I love you a lot"

Nancy Ajram's followers interacted with her loving message to her fans in Morocco, as some considered that the attack on social media that she faced after some incidents that happened prior to her concert in Morocco were exaggerated, and that she did not mean any insult.


Many though still disapprove of what Nancy Ajram did in Morocco, emphasizing that she did not act right there, and caused bad feelings against her that she does not really need.

All of the this started when Nancy refused to kiss one of her fans when she first arrived to Morocco, and also refused to drink milk which is known to be the traditional way to welcome guests in Morocco, which made many describe her as snobby and arrogant.

The Lebanese star justified not drinking the milk because she is allergic to dairy products, and that is why she only ate the dates that was presented with the beverage. 

Regardless of the accusations, Nancy's concert in the festival was sold out.

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