Ahlam defends Moroccan women

Published May 6th, 2012 - 03:01 GMT

UAE singer Ahlam is spending her free time interacting with her fans on the internet through her official page on the social network Twitter. The singer’s page on Twitter discusses what is new and exciting about Ahlam’s personality, and what has become more appealing after her recent participation as one of the judges on the popular talent show ‘Arab Idol.’

One member of Ahlam’s page posted a comment about the ‘Arab Idol’ Moroccan contestant Dunia Batma, which irritated the singer. The member wrote that Dunia, and all other Moroccan women are only after money and that is why they befriend wealthy people from the Gulf countries.

Ahlam immediately replied to the member, and said, “You have no manners and Morocco is filled with very respectable women, and they are not running after money, and you are nothing compared to Moroccan women.”

It is still unclear if Ahlam will take part in ‘Arab Idol 2.’  Ahlam said that she will participate, but recent media reports said that Ahlam’s participation is not yet final.  According to sources, Ahlam is requesting a very high salary, while numerous disputes have erupted between her and Lebanese singer Ragheb Alamah who is also a judge on the show.

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