Ahmed Helmy breaks news of cancer to fans stateside, announces new lease on life post-op

Published November 15th, 2014 - 10:56 GMT
Ahmed is recovering well following his back cancer surgery in the US. (Image: Facebook)
Ahmed is recovering well following his back cancer surgery in the US. (Image: Facebook)

Egyptian comedian actor Ahmed Helmy brought tears to his 7.9 million Facebook followers when he finally revealed the true reason behind his sudden trip to the US several moths ago.

Despite rumors that the actor and his then pregnant wife Mona Zaki had travelled to the US to grant their baby a US citizenship, we're now aware that the couple went stateside for Ahmed's medical treatment.

We can't believe it either, but yesterday, Helmy confirmed that he is battling cancer.

However, according to Al Jaras magazine, Helmy is back on his feet and out of the ICU after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his back.

Mona had insisted on remaining by her husband's side during this difficult period, even though she was due in a very short while. Amid the gloomy cancer news, the couple welcomed their son "Saleem" into the world.

In his first statement since the announcement, Helmy told journalist Khaled Faraj from Al Watan news, "I'm better now and I've left the hospital two days ago (12 Nov). My health is constantly improving; I don't need to be in the ICU any longer. I will however stay in the US to follow up on my treatment."

Ahmed had known about his cancer for several months now.

"I thank God for curing me and standing by my side. I also thank my wife Mona who insisted on travelling with me and not leaving me for a second. She was by my side at a time when taking care of her was the priority. She was in her last days' of pregnancy and fate wanted our son to be born here," he told Faraj.

Meanwhile, Helmy's close friend Egyptian actor Sherif Mounir happily reassured his best bud's fans that he's doing well post-op.

"Ahmed Helmy is doing well. Helmy and Mona are in touch with me and they've said that his operation was successful and thank God he's in a stable condition right now. He will be returning to Egypt soon, so don't you worry," Mounir wrote on his Facebook page.

Helmy told his fans, "You really never know what's going to happen... It's all in God's hands. I feel like God has given me a new lease on life so I could really enjoy my newborn son. I've been reborn with the birth of my new son. My health is great and I will be returning to Egypt in the next few days."

Wishing you a speedy recovery dear Ahmed.

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