Ahmed Rizq Aims for the Stars

Published August 13th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

By Mohammed Al Baali 

Cairo – Albawaba.com 


Egyptian actor Ahmed Rizq’s defining stamp is his penchant for varied roles, which he has played alongside prominent cinema, theater and TV stars.  

His eclectic approach has contributed to his rapid rise to stardom in his homeland. 

“My real cinema debut was in the film Alashan Rabina Yehibbak (For the Sake of God I love You) directed by Raafat Al Mihi,” he told Albawaba.com this week. “The film was shot before Film Thaqafi (Cultural Film), despite the fact that it was screened after the latter.”  

“Then I shot the film Shurum Burum, also directed by Mihi, which was my first debut as a cinema star, but it has not yet been screened. Moreover I shot Shabab A’lal Hawa (Young Men on the Air) along with Hanan Tork and Ahmed Al Fishawi, which will be screened during the upcoming Fitr Feast.” 

The young artist believes that Film Thakafi is the most successful of his films because “it is a new film in the way it deals with the theme and in its direction. It was a special experience for me and for the cast as a whole, because we won many awards at the Egyptian Film Oscar Festival, in addition to our expectations of getting one of the prizes to be offered at the Egyptian National Fim Festival which will kick off this week.” 

Regarding his film Alashan Rabina Yehibbak (For God Sake I Love You) which did not achieve huge success, Rizq said: “The reason is that the film does not offer something that suits the tastes of the Egyptian cinema audience, but I have benefited a lot from it by securing the confidence of the artistic circles.  

“When these circles knew that Mihi had chosen me to star in his film, they put their confidence in me even before they saw the film, and so I was nominated to star in Film Thaqafi. 

“I have worked with prominent directors including Jalal Al Sharqawi, Raafat Al Mihi, Hussein Kamal, and Majdi Abu Amirah, and big writers including Lenin Al Ramli and benefited a lot from them,” added Rizq. 

Rizq’s artistic career began in the theater, when director Jalal Al Sharqawi selected him to perform in the play Qissat Al Hai Al Gharbi (Story of the Western Neighborhood). Then he participated in the play Masaa Al Khair (Good Evening) along with the artists Mohammed Munir, Sawsan Bader, and Mohammed Awad, after he had participated in the play Al Jamila Wal Wahsh (Beauty and the Beast) in place of A’laa Waley Eddin. 

“That was an important stage in my artistic career, during which I tolerated the comedy burden on the stage. It was a challenge, since I had to replace A’laa Waley Eddin and act along with a superstar such as Laila Ulwi,” said Rizq. 

The young artist then participated in the play Allahumma Ega’alhu Kheir (God, Make It Good) and in the meantime shot his roles in two TV series, Al Rajul Al Akhar (The Other Man) and Awraq Masriyyah (Egyptian Papers) last Ramadan.  

Rizq, as he says, achieved great success in the two series despite his appearance in only seven episodes. 

The actor is currently performing in the play Eddala’i Ya Dosah along with a number of young stars and the superstar Fifi Abdo. This is in addition to the success of the series Hadith Al Sabah Wal Masaa (Morning and Evening Speech) in which he had a role.  

Rizq is currently gearing up to shoot the seven-episode series Al Mistahi (The Shy) written by Lenin Al Ramli under the direction of Amr Abdeen. 

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