Al-Hayba 5: Taim Hassan's Rival Actor Revealed.. And It's Going To Be EPIC!

Published May 2nd, 2021 - 11:01 GMT
Al-Hayba 5 cast: Taim Hassan's Rival Actor Revealed

Who is going to be Adel Karam's replacement in Al-Hayba 5?

MBC Trending has given an exclusive scoop of Al-Hayba's 5th and finale season and revealed the co-star who will stand against its leading actor Taim Hassan.

This time, Jabal Shaikh Al-Jabal's rival will not be Lebanese like previous seasons, instead it's going to be Syrian.

And for the fifth and finale season, director Samer Barqawi selected Syrian actor Abdel Moneim Al-Ameri to co-star next to Taim Hassan as his rival.

During an exclusive interview with MBC Trending, Abdel Moneim Al-Ameri revealed that he signed a contract with Sabah Brothers production company a month ago.

Abdel Moneim added that filming Al-Hayba 5 will start on May 1st, and he will begin filming on May 15.

As for the female character, Lebanese actress Aimée Sayah is joining the series after Dima Kandalaft in season 4.

Also in season 5, Taim Hassan's on-screen brother Owais Mukhalalati (Sakher) is leaving the show, after reports of many disagreements between Owais and the producing company.

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