All that she wants is a trip to Egypt: Go retro with Ace of Base and Modern Talking stars at Somabay

Published October 6th, 2016 - 10:53 GMT
Jenny Berggren and Thomas Anders – are coming to Somabay on October 7th. (Somabay)
Jenny Berggren and Thomas Anders – are coming to Somabay on October 7th. (Somabay)

As we all know, the voices of Ace of Base and Modern Talking – Jenny Berggren and Thomas Anders – are coming to Somabay on October 7th (oh so soon!!!). We totally can’t wait for the concert, and we were lucky enough to get the exclusive opportunity to ask the stars a few questions about their upcoming gig. 

Here’s what they had to say!  

Via Ahnaag.

Via Ahnaag. 

How excited are you to perform in Somabay?

Jenny: Very! It is very beautiful and looks fantastic, it’s my first time there!

Thomas: I’m really looking forward to putting on a show at Somabay. It’s a wonderful location.


How do you expect the crowd and people to be?

Thomas: I hope that the people love my show and will have a great time with my hits like, “You’re my heart, You’re my soul”, “Cheri Cheri Lady” and “Brother Louie”. 

Jenny: I believe I will meet people with good taste for nice music and in a party mood! I am in the mood for sure! Since we mix live instruments with good dance music and are bringing some of our country’s better performers, I am certain we will have a nice time bringing something to everyone. That’s what I’m all about – making the day or night as grand as it really is!  

Via Ace of Base Tumblr.

Via Ace of Base Tumblr. 

Have you ever been to Egypt? If so, was it for work, holiday, or…?

Jenny: My first visit. Before this trip I’ve only visited Egypt in my dreams. 

Thomas: Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Egypt. Maybe next time I will come with my family.


Have you tried to learn any Arabic to prepare for coming to Egypt?

Thomas: Not really. But I think everyone will speak in the English language. Oh, and the most international language is to smile.

Jenny: Haha, some! But not sufficient for a dialog. My Arabic friends speak mostly English or French to me. I understand some French. My Swedish friends from Arab countries are proud of the Swedish they have learned, so I never get the chance.

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