Comedy in Ramadan: 'American in Arabia' stars in new bilingual Jordan TV show

Published July 16th, 2013 - 08:48 GMT
Brett Weer stars in 'My American Neighbor' alongside Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen (Image: Facebook)
Brett Weer stars in 'My American Neighbor' alongside Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen (Image: Facebook)

Ladies and Gents, our very own American in Arabia writer, Brett Weer, has taken his hilarity from his column and stand-up gigs to our TV screens this Ramadan. Our in-house comedian stars in a new television series ‘Al Jar Gabel al Dar’ (Your Neighbor Before Your House), playing on Ro’ya TV in Jordan and on YouTube for all the world to see after each episode airs.

While the show also has an English title of ‘My American Neighbor’, the Arabic version refers to the old saying that you should meet the neighbors of a place before purchasing or renting to ensure they aren’t too nosy first.

According to Brett, the show co-starring talented comedians Natheer Khawaldeh and Fares Hadadeen is unlike any other in the region because it is written by an American and Arabs and features both English and Arabic. The scripts are written by the three stars, as well Aseel Mansour, a movie and TV producer and owner of ShaShat Productions, whose other recent work ‘Line of Sight’ is already a hit.

When they write the episodes, Brett says that they like to bring up awkward and even ugly things about each others' cultures through humor.

‘My first hope for the show is that it is funny, like make you cry laughing funny. I know many people have it rough in this part of the world and also back in the States, and I consider it a pleasure and a duty to help us get a reprieve from the noise, pain, worries and whatever else is stealing our smiles...We feel that after people have a good chuckle, they may then reconsider what they may be doing that is hurtful to their nieghbors or family.'

Viewers are sure to get their laugh on indeed as they witness the miscues and communication failures that happen between Brett’s character ‘Ricky’ and his Arab neighbors unfold and lead to reconciliation and deeper friendships.

The rising star also hopes that the Western audience will see how amazing relationships with Arabs can be, something he can personally attest to after five years in the region, and especially after all the sweat, hard work, and fun times spent creating the show with the Arab cast, crew, and production team.

Watch all the episodes, and you might even spot some other Albawaba staff as guest stars!

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