Amr Diab lanches new album at Vodafone’s Red Concert

Published August 28th, 2016 - 10:00 GMT
The superstar gave his fans a night to remember. (Facebook)
The superstar gave his fans a night to remember. (Facebook)

As an Egyptian millennial, my feelings towards Amr Diab sparked from the very start. My feelings flourished when he sang “Tamally Ma3ak,” and when the “3awwedoony” music video was first aired, that was it – I fell in love with the hadaba.


Well it's a night never to forget here in #Marassi with #AmrDiab. #p9moments #Huawei #Fun #live

A photo posted by HuaweiMobileEG (@huaweimobileeg) on Aug 19, 2016 at 2:59pm PDT

But as we all know, he knows how to keep us waiting when it comes to his new releases. So naturally other stars from other nationalities stole my heart *cough* Adam Levine, Calvin Harris and kefaya keda 3ashan mosh 3ayzeen fadaye7 *cough* but on his black stallion, trotting in slow motion at Marassi’s crystal shore on Friday the 19th, Amr Diab rescued me from my musical fling with his new album “A7la w A7la” as he celebrated it in Vodafone’s “Red Concert,” attended by a rainbow of influencers such as Ahmed Hossam, Norhan Abu Bakr, Marwa Hassan and Emma Abdelaziz, and of course the mobile giants, Huawei.


As the main sponsor, Huawei had a booth at the concert where the audience would be able to take a picture with the P9 and get the picture printed to keep. I KNOW RIGHT? Moreover, they had a competition asking the audience to take pictures using #P9Moments to win the new Huawei P9 Dual Leica Camera. We died of envy when we saw the winners pick up their new devices after the concert.



By Lenna ElDeeb

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