Amr Waked furiously storms out of Tony Khalife's show

Published July 16th, 2013 - 12:00 GMT
Getting defensive: Amr Waked walks out of Tony Khalife's show. (Image: Facebook)
Getting defensive: Amr Waked walks out of Tony Khalife's show. (Image: Facebook)

Tony Khalife's popular TV show “Asfeen Ya Rayes” (Sorry, Mr. President) has caused yet more controversy this week. 

The show hosts guests that are active in the political arena in Egypt and have played key roles during the past two revolutions. 

Egyptian actor Amr Waked was one such recent guest and engaged in a very heated discussion with Tony and totally lost his cool.

According to, Tony's intentions were to aggravate Amr by simultaneously hosting a pro-Mubarak journalist on the show, which worked better (or worse) than he'd imagined.

When the journalist ridiculed Amr's points of view in every matter, he angrily lashed back, stating that his brother was kidnapped several times during the reign of Mubarak, and for him to call ousted President Mubarak's era as “one of the best times in Egypt” is plain ridiculous. 

Amr's anger escalated as he began to scream in Tony's face saying: “Did you bring me here to defend Mubarak in my presence? What do you mean by the title of your show? Are you apologizing to Mubarak on my behalf?” 

Tony had no choice but to end the interview with Amr after it was impossible to get him to understand the true purpose of the show. 

If it's drama viewers wanted, it was drama they got!

Do you think the argument was planned or happenstance? Please share by commenting below!

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