Angham stars in first TV drama

Published January 13th, 2012 - 03:36 GMT

Egyptian singer Angham will endure her first acting experience through the new television drama “Min Ghamdet Ayn” (With a blink of an eye) alongside Egyptian actress Nelly Kareem. The drama is scheduled to be aired during the Ramadan season of 2012.



Scenarist Fida Al Shandaweeli said that the leading roles in the drama divided by Angham and Nelly and actor Mohammad Al Shaknakeeri will costar with them. Direction is by Sameeh Al Naqqash and produced by the production company ‘Reek Production’.


Al Shandaweeli stated that the events of the drama revolve around two lifelong friends that encounter an obstacle causing them their friendship. The details of the drama are being kept secret to make it a surprise for viewers.


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