Angie Khoury Covers Her Curves With Syrian Flag & Prays for Bashar Al Assad.. Check Her Out!

Published December 5th, 2019 - 12:42 GMT
Khoury covered her curvy body with Syria flag
Khoury covered her curvy body with Syria flag (Source: @angie.khouryy Instagram)

Syrian singer and model Angie Khoury, whose real name is Najwa Khaliq Allah, has published a number of posters supporting Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad after she was released from detention.

In one photo, Khoury covered her curvy body with the Syrian flag with the caption:

“May God protect you, our lion and our dear leader, the lion of Arabs and Arabism, the protector of homelands. May God prolong your life and defend you against all your enemies."

In the past, security authorities in Dubai arrested Angie Khoury on charges of violating public morals and evicted her to Syria, where she was arrested by Syrian regime authorities. She was later released, and then settled in Damascus amid reports of a new lawsuit against her.

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