Angie Khoury Grabs Her Breast Provocatively and Says 'Be Authentic!' (Video)

Published December 24th, 2019 - 05:57 GMT
Khoury was inside a clothing store (source: @singerangiekhoury Instagram)
Khoury was inside a clothing store (source: @singerangiekhoury Instagram)

No amount of evictions can stop Angie Khoury!

Syrian singer Angie Khoury has recently appeared in a scandalous video that was released by a fake Twitter account claiming to be her. It's unclear when the footage was taken, but the video does in fact feature the real Angie. 

In the video, Khoury is seen inside a clothing store, where she grabs her own breast in a provocative manner, sparking widespread anger among social media users.

Angie said in the clip:

"Just because you wear a copycat brand doesn't mean you're a copycat. The most important thing is for you to be authentic.. for everything to be authentic."

The unofficial Twitter account added the hashtag #AngieKhourySayings at the end of the caption on the video.

Angie Khoury had recently been deported from Lebanon to Dubai, then from Dubai to Damascus, after being arrested for committing moral violations.

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