Arab Christian celebrities attacked for celebrating Easter by extremist trolls!

Published April 6th, 2015 - 11:48 GMT
Nicole Saba was one of the celebrities attacked for celebrating Easter. (Image: Albawaba file)
Nicole Saba was one of the celebrities attacked for celebrating Easter. (Image: Albawaba file)

Lebanese stars Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam, Elissa, Myriam Fares, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Pascale Machaalani, Jenny Asper, Wael Kfoury, Fairouz, Myriam Klink and Nicole Saba were amongst the celebs under 'cyber' attack for celebrating Easter on Sunday. 

Ajram, Karam, Cyrine and Saba posted pictures of the cross along with captions praying for Jesus on this most significant of Christian holidays. For the Christian (and celebrity) faithful, Easter celebrates Christ's good works and holy mission of salvation in the Crucifixion (atoning for the sins of humanity) and Resurrection (conquering death). Reason enough for a good old partaaaay!

The Passion against Christ or the haters!

Of course, it was tremendously upsetting to see our devout celebs attacked by hundreds of extremist Muslim social media users for their beliefs. For the love of God, it's 2015!

What was even more surprising was the cyber haters acting as if Nancy and co were the first famous Christians to ever celebrate Easter! Jesus-- wake up and smell the Easter eggs! 

But several singing Christian soldiers weren't going to let this battle go without a fight. Saba responded to her verbal attackers by telling them to "get lost and stay away from me."

"Seriously, what a disgrace some of your impoliteness and comments are, which I won't even bother with putting into words. All I'm going to say is get lost and stay away from me if you have any atom of decency left. It is no honor of mine for you to comment on any of my pictures or work. Learn how to respect other people's religion and rituals and you'll then be treated equally, you ignorants," Nicole hit back.

Kfoury followed suit, while Asper warned anyone off from writing hateful comments about her religion or country.

"Happy Easter. Anyone writing about religion or politics on my page will be blocked. If anyone is thinking of writing anything bad or resentful about me, my religion or my country, then they're simply expressing themselves and who they truly are. I couldn't care less about their comments or filth," Asper hit back.

If you're attacking celebrities simply because they're Christian, then you may be in need of a morality check! We can't help but notice that when Christian artists wish their Muslim fans and fellow stars a "Happy Eid" and "Ramadan Kareem" they get praised for it, but are too often harassed for celebrating their own religious holidays. Go figure!

Meanwhile, Klink angered her fans for a different reason, when she decided to dress up as a sexy (and of course half naked) bunny, while posing with real-life rabbits and colored eggs. Her online followers didn't take kindly to her marking the religious holiday with a sexually-inciting photoshoot.

Arab celeb fans, take heed! One should look at an artist as a secular entertainer; enjoy their art and the work they present, and leave their religious and cultural beliefs for them to practice and preach off-set! Don't ya think?

Happy Easter everyone!

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