Arab female 'celebrity' cries rape, kidnap in Jordan

Published August 17th, 2016 - 12:13 GMT
Who is the celebrity in question? (
Who is the celebrity in question? (

Jordanian news website Roya News reported on Wednesday that an unnamed Arab female starlet has been attacked in Jordan.

The anonymous woman - who has referred to herself as an artist - was reportedly filming Snapchat videos in one of Amman's touristic areas, when a gang of four men allegedly tried to kidnap and rape her.

She was with her business manager at the time of the incident, and was thankfully able to set herself free by fiercely fighting off the gang.

Jordanian Police officers were able to catch the four offenders, according to close sources to the investigators.

Although Roya News says that the woman "claimed to be an artist," which means she isn't famous enough to be recognized by police officer and crowds, why would a gang try and kidnap an unknown artist?

That's why speculations quickly turned towards Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram, who was scheduled to hold a live concert in Amman on Thursday 18 August, 2016, but cancelled it at the last minute.

Nancy's press office released a suspicious statement on Tuesday night explaining the reason behind her concert's sudden cancellation.

"Artist Nancy Ajram's scheduled concert for 18 August, 2016, in Amman has been postponed due to circumstances that are out of our hands. A new date will be set and will be announced later," their statement read.

Will the celebrity's identity ever be released? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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