Keepin' it real: Asala Nasri didn't hold back the tears at Arab Music Festival

Published November 11th, 2013 - 10:28 GMT
Asala Nasri can't keep her eyes dry when it's time to sing about Syria. (Image: Facebook)
Asala Nasri can't keep her eyes dry when it's time to sing about Syria. (Image: Facebook)

The 22nd annual Arab Music Festival is in full swing with some of the biggest music industry names taking the stage for several days successively.

The festival honored 14 celebrities who played a significant role in reviving the entertainment world in Egypt and across the region.

The opening ceremony featured a unique performance by Asala, presenting some of her most popular hits. The songstress started out with the song "Thawrah Thawrah" (Revolution Revolution), followed by several others like "Hat Qalbi Wa Rouh" (Give Back My Heart and Leave), "Shaghel Bali" (On My Mind), and finally "Ah Ya Sham" (Oh Syria), which led to tears for the politically active starlet.

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Asala kept it real with her audience; no hiding of tears for her. The tragic conditions of her country are deeply moving for her.

Lightening things up, she jokingly added that some of her tears might be caused by her husband Egyptian director Tareq Al Arian's trip away and recent return home.

Sticking to a sentimental theme, Asala also sang the song "Ahkeelik Ajmal Hikaya" (Let Me Tell You the Best Tale), which she dedicated to her daughter Sham when she was four years old. Sham is now 20-year-old success of a young lady, her proud mother mentioned.

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