Nawal develops Asala-avoidance syndrome

Published August 29th, 2012 - 01:02 GMT
Lebanese Nawal Al Zoghbi turns her back on Syrian peer singer Asala Nasri
Lebanese Nawal Al Zoghbi turns her back on Syrian peer singer Asala Nasri

Syrian songstress Asala Nasri might be starting to wonder if she's smelling funny, as more and more fans or fellow stars start to show signs of avoidance. Excuses not to appear on her show, shunning her from certain countries - these are just some of the examples of social snubs she is facing.

The outspoken and Tweety singer has made more of a name for herself through her indiscreet remarks than for her singing prowess.  Now she's shown agitation on the subject of reconciling her differences with singing peer, Nawal, after a fan touched a raw nerve.

A far cry from the model diplomacy expected of certain role models in times of political turmoil, fans have come to expect the worst from the jilting singer. Her blunt tweet rebuttal to a comment made by a fan on Twitter, keen for her to make nice with singer Nawal al Zoughbi got a rather definite no-can-do response. The tweep said that he wished she and Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi would work out their differences and Nawal would appear on Asala's trendy chat TV show “Soula” to show no hard feelings. 

Asala gets snarky

Asala rebuffed the unsolicited peace-maker nipping all hopes of kiss and make up in the bud.  She stated, rather pointedly, that the matter was out of her hands because there were certain stars that feared losing money if they wasted precious concert time appearing on her show. Which, she added incidentally, they are generously paid for appearing on.

According to, Nawal had previously just said that it was difficult for her to appear on Asala's show, not giving any specifics of why. In a recent interview, Nawal was asked why she never appeared on shows hosted by fellow female singers like Latifa and Asala, and she replied that she would be making an appearance on Latifa’s show in the new year, but with regards to plumping for Asala's show, Nawal dismissed the question and said that 'that' show was a senstive topic.

Many speculate that the reason behind Nawal’s sudden Asala allergy is down to the Syrian's political stance on the Syria question,  and her explicit support for the revolutionaries against the government of Bashar Al Asad.

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