He ain't my brother! Friends of Assad no friends of Assala

Published August 1st, 2012 - 05:51 GMT
Asala has no time for friends of Assad
Asala has no time for friends of Assad
Straight-talking Syrian singer Asala Nasri is still discussing politics, not staying clear of the hot and thorny topics that have landed her in trouble with peers and media in recent times. She "will always support the Syrian revolution against the current regime in Syria", is her mantra of the moment.
Says the shining star, who once pledged her worth in diamonds to the revolution, to hammer across the extent of her commitment to the cause: "If Bashar Al Assad were my own father then I would oppose him." The mother of twins gives holds her own family scenario up for example: "I am against my own brother and I oppose him because he supports Bashar". Asala accused her brother of "treason" spelling out his crime: "My brother is a traitor to his family and his people, because he supports the Syrian regime". 
In an interview on "Zaman Al Ikhwan" (In the Time of the Brotherhood) show on Egytian channel, Asala said that the Arab actor who upsets her the most because of his political stance is old-time Syrian great, Duraid Laham. She continued to say that the media personality who riles her the most is popular George Kurdahi, calling him "unheroic". She also stressed that she has not time for the  educated and cultivated Syrians who support the regime, saying that they have sold their dignity and consciences.
Asala also said, not for the first time - clearly not feeling burnt by her last round of Lebanon comments that made her enemies fast - that she feared traveling to Lebanon after receiving threats on her life should she dare to visit. Nor did the abduction of 100 Syrian rebels inspire her with confidence in neighbor state Lebanon.
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