'Assalamu alaikum' from a heartbroken Lindsay Lohan over the Istanbul bombings

Published December 11th, 2016 - 09:35 GMT
Lindsay has a special connection with Turkey and the Arab world. (Hollywood Reporter)
Lindsay has a special connection with Turkey and the Arab world. (Hollywood Reporter)

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is heartbroken over the two deadly bombings that struck the Turkish capital, Istanbul, on Saturday. 

Lindsay has a special connection with Turkey; she often visits the country where she's been heavily involved with Syrian refugees and charity work to help raise global awareness of their situation and needs.

The 30-year-old human rights activist tweeted and Instagrammed about the attacks, while urging her fans to retweet her tweet for world peace. 

In one of her Instagram posts, Lilo posted a photo of the Turkish flag and captioned the post: "#TeroruLanetliyoruz There was a terror attack in Istanbul today. 29 dead and 166 wounded. Just letting you all know that this is reality. Life. My heart is with #istanbul tonight."

In a second post, Lindsay posted a muted video of her speaking, which she had captioned: "Alaikum selam. save the children. what's the problem."


Alaikum selam save the children what's the problem #= trust me

A video posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on Dec 10, 2016 at 6:19pm PST

"Assalamu alaikum" is a common greeting used among many Muslims, which translates from Arabic into "peace be upon you."

Using the Islamic greeting prompted many of Lindsay's fans to wonder whether she has converted to Islam, especially that the spiritual starlet has been spotted with a copy of the holy Quran on two separate occasions in the past. 

The Istanbul bombings claimed the lives of 29 people and injured 166 others. 

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