Attempts underway to eliminate Ruby from Musician Association

Published September 10th, 2005 - 04:05 GMT

Egyptian lawyer Nabih Al Wahsh has filed a lawsuit against composer Hassan Abu Al Saod, who is president of the Egyptian Musician Association, for permitting Egyptian singer Ruby to become a member. Nabih stressed that Hassan’s actions are illegal and go against all the regulations of the association. 


According to the London based weekly, Laha, Nabih has gathered official documentations that prove Ruby’s membership is illegal and will continue in the lawsuit until the membership is stripped from her.  


Since she was accepted in the musicians association and giving a generous donation to the retirement fund (50 thousand EGP) Ruby is still facing opposition from many association members. The oppositionists headed by Rida Ragab and Mystro Salah Aram waged a fierce wave of criticism against Hassan Abu Saoud Saying that Ruby's donation is considered as a bribe to accept her membership.  


Hassan Abu Saoud, head of the Musicians Association, answered back by saying that he cannot get Ruby out of business if she came to the association and sincerely wanted to be a member. Composer Hilmi Baker, known to be against seductive singers, said that he cannot understand how the association could accept such a low class of singing. 


On a different note, The censorship committee at the new Arab satellite music channel Nogoom has decided to ban the airing of songs that are classified as inappropriate for the average viewers and which contain seductive scenes and females wearing revealing outfits. Officials at the network revealed that broadcasting such demeaning songs goes against Arab social and traditional values and should not be allowed to be aired. The banning will include all songs for Ruby, who is considered one of the top seductive singers. – 

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