Bassem Youssef wants Americans to 'Breathe Easy' in his new political satire show!

Published June 1st, 2016 - 01:13 GMT
Bassem Youssef is back in full throttle with a brand new TV show this summer. (Facebook)
Bassem Youssef is back in full throttle with a brand new TV show this summer. (Facebook)

Brace yourselves for fresh doses of laughter from the one and only Bassem Youssef this summer.

The Egyptian satirist - whose smash hit show "El Bernameg" was famously taken off the air by the Egyptian government - will make us laugh once again in "The Democracy Handbook."

"After more than two months of shooting, 'The Democracy Handbook' is done and ready to air. We have also shot a couple of sketches last March directed to the problem of Islamophobia but in a satirical way. We apologize for taking that long. They were supposed to roll out a few weeks ago. Now the sketches are ready to air this week," Bassem wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.
Bassem's much-anticipated show is set to air next month, but luckily for his fans, a teaser was posted on his Facebook page this week to promote the show ahead of its 7 July release.
A hilarious sketch titled "Breathe Easy" was a taster of what's to come from "The Democracy Handbook."
Bassem has been busy working on his new project for Fusion TV’s new digital platform "F Comedy" since last February.
The comedian said that "I have worked with lovely people in Fusion. None were Middle Eastern but all are citizens of the world that hate injustice and have the courage to criticize things in their own societies."
Bassem's goal behind making this show is to eliminate prejudices in the world.
"Xenophobia and discrimination against others because of their skin, religion, gender, views, orientation and ethnicity is a plague that the whole world has."
His hopes for the future?
"I hope there would be similar attempts in my own part of the world because we do have our own prejudices and intolerance. Satire is a great remedy for this and I hope we keep using it to bring people together."
Next on Bassem's promotional agenda? A a new sketch called "Hate Right."
Watch "Breathe Easy" below!

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