'Bastard'! Tunisian Actress Aicha Attia Reveals She's Pregnant Out of Wedlock: "He Promised To Marry Me but Ran Away" 

Published November 11th, 2020 - 09:23 GMT
'Bastard'! Tunisian Actress Aicha Attia Reveals She's Pregnant Out of Wedlock: "He Promised To Marry Me but Ran Away"

They fell in love, she got pregnant, he ran away!

It is one of these typical stories you usually hear in the Arab world, but this time it occurred to a famous woman, Tunisian actress Aicha Attia.

Aicha, out of nowhere, posted a couple of pictures revealing her small belly announcing her pregnancy.

However, it wasn't a happy announcement, because she also revealed that she got pregnant out of wedlock creating a wide state of controversy on social media, to the point that the most famous Arab newspapers and magazines are shedding a light on her story.


اليوم أنا قررت نعلن على الحمل متاعي، خارج نطاق الزواج. أنا في الشهر الرابع. حكايتي ماهيش بعيدة على حكايات قبلي، و انشاء الله عندي طرف أمل متصيرش بعدي. أنا حبيت راجل وعدني بالزواج، و عشنا قصة حب من طرفي أنا، و حبلت منو أما مشا و خلاني... محبنيش... و منعرش بش يستعرف ببنتي و الا لا. بالقانون أكيد بش إكون بوها. أما قدام الناس؟؟؟ و قدام عايلتي في مجتمع لا يرحم، لا بش يرحمني و لا بش يرحم بنتي. و أنا قادرة اليوم نعيشها، و كان جيت منجمش؟؟؟ نرماها في SOS ڤمرت؟ إلي عملتو أنا غالط. أما متحكموش عليا، و الا على طفلة اغتصبوها و الا على صغير جا في "الحرام"، كلمة نكرها خاتر إعايروك باها نهار آخر. بنتي بش نسماها "مايا"، منعرش شنوا مصيرها... أما انت كمرا خلي مصيرك خير مني... حب، أما استحفظ على روحك، عيش أما أعرف حدودك، مترميش روحك، أمان متعيشش القلق إلي أنا نعيش فيه كل يوم و مخبيتو.

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Attia wore a red sweater in the photoshoot and lifted it up to put her pregnant puff on display.

She wrote: "Today I decided to announce my pregnancy, out of wedlock. I am in my fourth month .. my story is not far from the tales of those before me, and I have some hope that it will not happen after me."

"I loved a man who promised to marry me, and we lived a love story from my side, and he got me pregnant, then he ran away and left me .. didn't he love me? .. I do not know, and I don't know if he knows about my daughter or not."

"By law, he is certainly her father ... As for people ??? and in front of my family in an unforgiving society where there is no mercy for me or for my daughter ... today I am able to support her, or you want me to throw her in SOS?!"

Aicha Attia continued: "What I did was wrong so don't judge me, and don't judge the little girl they raped, or that little baby who came out in 'haram' out of wedlock."

"I will name my daughter Maya and I don't know her destiny, but you as a woman make your destiny better than mine, take care of yourself, know your boundaries and don't throw yourself so that you won't live the worry I've been living in and hiding everyday."

Some commentators has supported Aicha, saying: "Let nobody blame her, the situation is difficult, may God be with her", "I see she's courageous she admitted her mistake and didn't hide it and threw her child in the street."

Others went to blame and severely criticize both Aicha and the father: "It is not the little child's fault, but you are guilty, both the mother and father", "If you are plagued with sins, then take cover".

Some followers even recalled Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk's marriage from Hani Saad, as it was rumored that he was still married to his first wife when he tied the knot to Dorra, which is illegal by Tunisian laws.

They wrote: "Where is that Tunisian representative who wants to put Dorra on trial because she has married a man who is married according to the law of God and His Messenger? I hope to hear her comment on this now."

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