'Beware the Night', Abu Dhabi! Hollywood is coming to town!

Published August 6th, 2013 - 11:55 GMT
Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, and Édgar Ramírez are Abu Dhabi bound as they star in 'Beware the Night'
Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, and Édgar Ramírez are Abu Dhabi bound as they star in 'Beware the Night'

Paul Baker, Exceutive Director of intaj with the Hollywood Producer and an intaj team member. AbuDhabi Film Commission (ADFC), Sony Pictures Entertainment, through its film production company Screen Gems, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have announced the shooting of the movie – Beware the Night – in Abu Dhabi.

The film is directed by Scott Derrickson, known for horror films ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ and ‘Sinister’ and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer – producer of hit series such as ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘Cold Case’ and blockbusters ‘Top Gun’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

The executive producers are Mike Stenson, Chad Oman and Glenn Gainor. Beware the Night is due for release in 2015. Attracted by the Emirate’s diverse landscapes, its infrastructure for filmmakers and the ADFC’s incentive scheme, award-winning director Scott Derrickson will shoot on location in Liwa Oasis and at twofour54 intaj’s studios from 31 July.

Six Emiratis from twofour54’s vocational traineeship program ‘intaji’ and twofour54’s creative lab community will have the opportunity to shadow the production team, gaining experience on a big budget Hollywood production.

The film stars Eric Bana as a New York City Police Department police officer and Edgar Ramirez as a renegade priest who convinces him that elements in a bizarre crime case are demonically related. Together they work to solve the case and combat the paranormal forces working against them. ‘Beware the Night’ also stars Joel McHale, Olivia Munn and Sean Harris.

The title sequence and the opening scenes of the film are being filmed in Abu Dhabi. ADFC, part of twofour54, the commercial arm of the Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi, launched the region’s first production industry incentive scheme in 2012.

The production scheme aims to accelerate Abu Dhabi as the first choice for international and regional producers needing location, production and post-production services. Recent beneficiaries include the Syrian producers from the Arabic drama series Hammam Shami, the first ever studio-based Syrian production of this scale to be filmed in Abu Dhabi. The incentive – which is in the form of a 30% rebate on qualifying spend in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi – has already been utilised by regional TV productions and TV commercials, but ‘Beware the Night’ is the first international feature film to qualify for it.

Noura Al Kaabi, Chief Executive, twofour54, added: “’Beware the Night’ will showcase Abu Dhabi as a great production location for not just feature films but also for TV, documentaries, commercials and music videos. It reinforces Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a world-class production hub, attracting regional productions including Ramadan dramas and large scale entertainment shows, while appealing to the producers of international Hollywood blockbusters. “Beware the Night” is set to be a gripping film and I’m confident that Abu Dhabi audiences will support its theatrical release in the UAE in 2015.”

Noura continued: “One particularly exciting aspect about Hollywood movies such as ‘Beware the Night’ being filmed in Abu Dhabi, is the opportunities they afford to young Emiratis seeking filmmaking experience. The inspiration gained on set and on location will drive a new generation of Emirati talent and ultimately help to build Abu Dhabi’s film and entertainment industries.”

Glenn Gainor, Executive Producer of ‘Beware the Night’, said: “Abu Dhabi seemed like the natural choice for this feature because of its unique desert landscape, the 30% production rebate and because of the competitively priced production services and facilities on offer here. ADFC assisted with location scouting and we’ve been able to limit the size of our travelling crew due to the quality of crew available locally through our UAE producer twofour54 intaj. We look forward to welcoming young Emiratis as part of the production team and to getting the cameras rolling for crucial scenes of this supernatural thriller, including the opening sequence and a key flashback.”

In addition to providing the rebate and location options, ADFC has supported Beware The Night with visas, filming permits, customs support and twofour54 intaj has provided full production services including crew, equipment, studios and other services. Local production companies and service providers including airlines, hotels and restaurant are expected to benefit from the growing number of regional and international productions choosing the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as location of choice for their shoot.

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