Is Billie Eilish's Agoraphobia Under Control?

Published December 3rd, 2021 - 06:34 GMT
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. (Shutterstock/file photo)
Billie Eilish no longer gets "freaked out" being in public places.

Billie Eilish's agoraphobia is under control.

The 19-year-old megastar used to struggle with the anxiety disorder - which causes people to avoid places or situations that may trigger panic - but she no longer gets "freaked out" in public places.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, she said: “I’m starting to have an adulthood which is new for me, and very exciting, and I have had new experiences and new people and lots of love.

“My attitude used to be like, ‘I can’t go out, I can’t go here, I can’t go there.’… I wasn’t able to go to a park or go get coffee, It freaked me out. But in the last year I opened up to it."

The 'bad guy' hitmaker used to be known for her signature black and green hairdo, but she credits going blonde with helping her deal with the disorder.

She explained: “If I’m being cautious and not trying to be in everybody’s faces, it’s cool … I didn’t used to be able to do that because my pride was too huge. I was like, ‘I only want to be seen if I look like myself.’ So I would never wear anything normal.”

And the Grammy-winner admitted she no longer cares if people hate her.

She said: “I feel a lot of pressure, but back then I was more loved — I was pretty overall loved, to be honest. And I was scared because I wanted to keep that love.

“But now tonnes of people hate me, so I’m not worried anymore. If you like me, you like me, and if you don’t, you don’t.”

Billie's mom, Maggie Baird, has helped her deal with the ups and downs of fame.

The 'my future' hitmaker - who writes all her music with her 24-year-old musician-and-producer sibling, Finneas - added: “I guess I turn to my mom, honestly, the most in this period.

“She’s new to this just as I am, meaning fame, and this kind of world, but my mom has a very good way of looking at the world and she is the main person that I go to. Literally maybe the only person that I go to.”

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