Bourji responds to Elissa winning the case

Published March 26th, 2023 - 08:58 GMT
Bourji responds to Elissa winning the case
Elissa had announced that she had won the case

ALBAWABA - Ziad Bourji breaks his silence over Elissa winning the case for the song "Ana and Bass."

In a statement by Ziad Bourji that he shared to his Instagram story he wrote: "The hasty decision we received today was a surprise, since we we're not informed earlier and have no idea about any legal case against us so we're not able to even defend ourselves."

The Lebanese singer added: "however, all decisions made fast is temporary and the truth will be in the final decision."

And Elissa had announced that she had won the case regarding Bourji's song that was written by poet Ahmed Madi, after the Lebanese judiciary issued a ruling to stop broadcasting the song “Batir” and prevent Bourji from presenting it at concerts, after Elisa accused them of infringing on the artistic and literary property rights belonging to her in the song "Ana and Bass."

The singer expressed her happiness with the decision, in a tweet in which she wrote, "The Lebanese judiciary is still okay as the presence of honesty is still there, the truth is out, only me, for me only."

She added: "All thanks to my legal representative, Attorney Mark Habakah, who believed in my case and in my right, defied falsehood, and reclaimed my right."


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