Bugs Are Eating Ragaa Elgedawy's Grave ... And Her Daughter Comments "It's Not My Business"

Published October 26th, 2020 - 07:05 GMT
Bugs Are Eating Ragaa Elgedawy's Grave ... And Her Daughter Comments "It's Not My Business"

Amira Mukhtar, daughter of the late Egyptian artist Ragaa Elgedawy, has disclaimed her responsibility for insects storming her mother's grave due to the lack of restoration that the cemetery needs.

She explained that she is not responsible for dealing with the repair, as she is the youngest person in her mother's family, and that there is someone in charge of dealing with the situation.

Mukhtar said that her mother’s cemetery has been undergoing renovations for more than a year, noting that the restoration is still ongoing because there is an area of the cemetery to be included to the main street nearby, saying; "It has already been under restoration for more than a year, and is still under restoration to fix the back hatch because this space will be taken to be included to the street. I am not responsible for the restoration, there are the elders of the family who are responsible."

"Mommy used to manage it because she was the eldest, but this is the family cemetery and I am the youngest of the family .. Thanks for the concern. As my mother used to say, the shape of the outside doesn't matter, what matters is how it is lightened underneath. Oh God, light the graves of us all."

Amira Mukhtar's statements came as a response to a follower who commented on one of Amira's Instagram pictures of her late mother.

The follower wrote: "I saw a video of Madame Ragaa's burial property. How come it's broken as if it had been years old, and it is broken on the side and has a large hole where insects can enter."

The follower added: "I swear to God, I was sad because we love her and she was a chic artist, and the whole world is sad over her loss, and she has become the concern of all people, I wish the grave would be arranged to befit a distinguished artist. I would ask you for forgiveness Amira if I intervened, but I'm sad for her. I wish you would take it into account. All the comments were (Where is her daughter?)"

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