Thugs on the loose! Bushra attacked by a Molotov bomb on the set of her new show

Published June 15th, 2014 - 11:04 GMT

It's no wonder that celebs need bodyguards by their side at all times, after hearing about what happened to Egyptian actress Bushra on the set of her TV show in Egypt last week!

The actress was filming scenes for her upcoming TV drama "Tuffahit Adam" (Adam's Apple), when a thug attacked her and her crew.

Similar incidents have been recently taking place around Egypt. According to Laha Magazine, Bushra stated: “While filming the scenes of 'Tuffahit Adam' at one of the villas in New Egypt, the cast & crew and I were attacked by a thug with a previous criminal record; he threw a Molotov bomb at us. Miraculously, no one was injured, but we don't know what triggered his horrible attack.”

Bushra added, “We don't know if the thug wanted us to pay him off like the thugs who have attacked other filming locations before, but those reoccurring acts of violence are making celebs extremely afraid for their lives."

The distressed actress concluded by saying that she hopes the security laws will be tightened to put an end to this violence.

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