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Published June 28th, 2016 - 11:00 GMT
Dina Elsherbini makes a comeback in Grand Hotel. (Grand Hotel)
Dina Elsherbini makes a comeback in Grand Hotel. (Grand Hotel)

The Ramadan race this year proved that it’s one of the most competitive and fierce so far; many actors, writers, and directors are hustling to top this year’s race. Ramadan 2016 witnessed many youth rising stars and other brilliantly talented comebacks. 



But one of the best series this year that really caught people’s attention is Grand Hotel. Set in the 50s, the story follows Ali as he investigates the disappearance of his sister, who used to work in one of the most prestigious hotels in Aswan, only to unravel greater conspiracies. Starring Amr Youssef, Amina Khalil, Dina Elsherbini, Anoshka, Ahmed Dawood, Mohamed Mamdouh, and Sawsan Badr. Written by Tamer Habib and directed by Mohamed Shaker. 



The decoration of the series is exquisite and beautifully done with attention to even the smallest details, from the cars and rooms to even the pens, liquor bottles, and cigarette packs. As well as the costume design, all I can say that it’s a job well done with the perfect attention. In fact, it may be the first Egyptian production that really made it feel like the 50s.



What really got everybody’s attention is that the supporting cast was more than perfect; Sawsan Badr is playing Mohamed Mamdouh’s mother and Dina Elsherbini is playing his wife, three of literally the most talented actors in Egypt and it’s almost a dream to watch them sharing scenes together. It’s really satisfying and overwhelming to just watch Amin as he just smiles, and that’s the power of good acting. But what really distinguished this series from others was the silent pauses in scenes that the actors don’t speak a word but they deliver to you every feeling they want you to feel, and that’s more powerful than speaking.



One of the best scenes of the series was when Ward is giving birth; let me just say that I never witnessed any Egyptian production that could really depict the pain of giving birth as much as Dina Elsherbini did, and the hatred in Ahmed Dawood’s eyes was indescribable, it was perfect and she really did a great job in this series. Kudos to Dina Elsherbini on the best comeback we ever witnessed.



The storyline is by far going perfect with a lot of both exciting and depressing surprises. With the clever use of cliffhangers but also not excessively, Tamer Habib really caught our attention that we just wait each day to know what’s going to happen next. 



Grand Hotel is a must watch and you’ll never regret watching it. It’s beautifully written and directed and you’ll witness the countless amount of time and effort done to reach perfection. 

By Hader Hisham 


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