Check out the Final Pictures of Late Actor Haytham Ahmed Zaki Captured Days Before His Death

Published November 12th, 2019 - 09:39 GMT
Haytham Ahmed Zaki
The last photo of the late Egyptian artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki 35 spread on social media (Source: @haitham_ahmed_zaki Instagram)

The last photo of the late Egyptian artist Haytham Ahmed Zaki 35, which was taken a few days before his death, spread on social media.

Haytham, son of late legend Ahmed Zaki, appeared shirtless in the picture of himself preparing to play the role of a boxer in his new movie.

Another picture of the late young actor was circulated on social media, taken 15 days before his death with producer Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelaziz.

Mohamed revealed that Haytham was talking about death when they were together that day, wondering if he would meet his late father Ahmed Zaki when he dies, and what he say to him.

Haytham Ahmed Zaki died of a severe drop in blood circulation after feeling colic and cramps as a result of taking drugs and muscle toners.


غلبان و محترم و حياته صعبه من طفولته و استحمل كتير و اتوجع كتير، عمره ما نادانى غير ب(اخويا) و عمرى ما ناديته غير ب(اخويا)، لما كنا نتقابل او نتكلم كنا بنرغى بالساعات و ياما اتكلمنا على ابويا و على ابوه و كنا بنقول عمرنا ما هنكون ربعهم، انا مش عارف انا بقول ايه... اللهم لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله... اخر مره و احنا بنتكلم من ١٥ يوم كنا بنفكر هل لما نموت هنقابل ابوك و ابويا؟ و لما نقابلهم هانقولهم ايه و هايقولولنا ايه؟ سبقتنى و روحتلهم... السلام امانه لحد ما اجيلكوا يا اخويا... الله يرحمك يا هيثم يا اخويا... (اسألكم الفاتحه و الدعاء لابويا و للاستاذ احمد زكى و لهيثم احمد زكى)

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