Daesh is just too barbaric to make into hit TV show "Homeland"

Published March 8th, 2015 - 09:13 GMT

Homeland will not be featuring any stories based on ISIS (Daesh) because its producers think the group are too barbaric and too 'evil' to appear on their show.

The Showtime series has dealt with terror cells and double agents across the world, but dramatizing ISIS and one its leaders Jihadi John is not on the agenda.

Executive Producer Alex Gansa revealed that writers have been asked to steer clear of the subject matter as he cannot see any way of humanizing their vile actions.


Gansa spoke at the opening night of Paley Fest in Los Angeles for on Friday night.


He confirmed that the show will not be ending anytime soon and leading star Claire Danes insisted that she is committed long term too.


Asked about whether ISIS plot lines would be considered, Alex replied: 'It's a very good question because Homeland for the last four seasons has tried to portray our adversaries and tried to humanize them.


'And if you look at Abu Nazir, even look at Brody, or look at Haqqani this past season there was a real effort to make their concerns and their lives understandable. 


'That is very hard to do with ISIS. 


'It's very difficult to do because what they are doing on the ground feels so medieval and so horrible that you give them a platform on television I'm a little wary of; to try to make what they are talking about understandable or relatable is very difficult.

'So we are struggling with that. Maybe this is too soon, Maybe we don't understand them well enough; It may be that they are just too evil to dramatize on television.' 


Homeland has featured drama based on real life encounters that US intelligence services have dealt with across the world.


However Gansa feels that even attempting to portay a character like Jihadi John would not work for his critically acclaimed TV series.


'I think to humanize or to create a sympathetic member of IS right now is a very tall order, that I would be nervous about doing; I really would; I think right now the intelligence communities, the United States government doesn't really even know how to deal with them on the ground right now. 


 What they are doing on the ground feels so medieval and so horrible that I am nervous about giving them a platform on television
Homeland producer Alex Gansa 


'From what I understand Iran and Iraq are leading the charge against IS right now. in that part of the world, and the United States is loathed to put boots on the ground and; we want to stay in the air with these it strikes how effective is that going to be? We don't know.


'So it is a very interesting question and one that we wrestle with because one of the great things about Homeland is that we are able to comment on on current events in a way is a lot of shows aren't able to do.'


Since 2010 Homeland has been a high hit around the world picking up honors for its writers and actors including Damien Lewis and Danes.


While offers have flooded into the stars to go elsewhere Gansa feels the unique bond between the cast and crew has kept their show together.


He also will delight fans by saying Homeland will only get better.


'I don't think we've been at the top yet I really don't. We were so fortunate to win the Emmy in the first year, but we are just getting started on that kind of thing. 


'The great thing about Homeland is that if you look at every single season is very distinct; So we are not doing the same show over and over again. 


'You will see season five is so radically different from season four. We are going to be two and a half years into the future from from season four, we going to be shooting the series in Europe, the show will be set in Germany this year, Carrie will be out of the intelligence agency is going to be a different show again and that is what is it fresh and that is what keeps it ask wanting to do it and we want to keep producing it as a higher level.


'And once we stopped doing that then we will stop. We're here to stay for as long as we can make the show that we want to make and feel that it is at a certain level.'


Speaking soon after, leading actress Claire Danes confirmed she was committed to the show long-term too.


She laughed: 'I have to come back. I am contractually obligated.'


Then turning serious, she added: 'It is a dream job and it is a dream company.


'I am never bored the writers are relentless in redesigning the show every season and she's naturally dynamic but they put her in such different circumstances and environments that she had different facets of her revealed and to me even. She remains vital and novel.'


Claire said she was looking forward to working in Berlin for the next series.


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