International author Deepak Chopra to make two UAE appearances this week

Published September 16th, 2013 - 12:08 GMT
Deepak Chopra will be dishing out advice at his UAE appearances this week. (Image: Facebook)
Deepak Chopra will be dishing out advice at his UAE appearances this week. (Image: Facebook)

With more than 70 books to his name, author Deepak Chopra has plenty to say.  

The world wants to listen too - he’s sold more than 20 million copies and his titles - including 21 New York Times bestsellers - have been translated into 35 different languages.

Deepak is speaking an international language. But what is it that makes people want to read on? A qualified doctor, he is now much better known for advice served up to a willing audience in titles that range from 1985 hit ‘Creating Health’, through to 2004’s ‘The Book of Secrets’ and last year’s ‘Super Brain’.

Regular link-ups with American media heavyweight Oprah Winfrey - the pair recently promoted an online, 21-day meditation challenge - have given the 65-year-old an even bigger audience. Deepak, the founder of the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, is in the UAE for two dates this week.

The first show, which takes place at the Madinat Theatre in Dubai tomorrow, is titled ‘The Future of Wellbeing’. Fear not, he’s not going to blow a load of hot air about deep breathing. Deepak explains: “I’m going to talk about how to assess ‘wellbeing’ in terms of the self and individual, but also in terms of a business, the community and the country. I will asses these different aspects - considering career, social and financial wellbeing as well as the emotional, physical and spiritual side and how that relates to your future.”

The Indian-born physician may have discovered alternative medicine back in the 1980s, but he’s certainly not turning his back on modern methods. There’s still a big place in Deepak’s world for technology. He says: “(In the talk) I’m going to relate it to interesting new information on new technologies, how we can monitor wellbeing and use mind-body techniques to create better health for ourselves and our communities too.”

He was famously close friends with former ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, back in the day and Deepak is still making big connections today. He has more than a million followers on professional networking site LinkedIn, putting him in the same league as

English business magnate Richard Branson and American president Barack Obama. Holiday Inn PR manager Alba D’Souza is just one of Deepak’s followers on Twitter.

Originally from Mumbai, the 26-year-old Abu Dhabi resident welcomes his positive attitude. She explains: “I like to follow him, I think it’s because he has an alternative view to the world. There’s a lot of negativity around but he’s very positive and maybe when you’ve had a bad day or need a boost in some way, it’s very useful. His articles and advice are very interesting, it can certainly help to change your attitude.”

Any budding CEOs or managers should perhaps also consider changing their attitude and listening up, if they haven’t signed up already. Deepak’s ‘Soul of Leadership’ workshop, which takes place in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, could provide some interesting information.

He says: “I’ll be talking about the future of leadership and also talking about the soul of leadership too.

“I will define the really great leaders as symbolic souls of a group consciousness - whether that group is a family or business or community or country or even the world. I will be teaching learning skills, how to bond emotionally, how to create teams that have a shared vision. I’ll also be talking about tools to expand awareness in the areas of intuition and creativity, and talking about action plans and smart goals, taking responsibility and building soul profiles.”

Deepak’s got some good news for 7DAYS readers too. “The UAE is actually doing better than the US in terms of wellbeing at the moment - I’ll be discussing why this is so and what we can do to accelerate that.”

Deepak Chopra seems to have advice for everyone. He’s appearing at Madinat Arena, Dubai on Tuesday and the St. Regis, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. or call 800 86 823.

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