Delve Deeper into Dubai's Artistic Side

Published September 10th, 2018 - 10:54 GMT
Dubai’s vibrant scene offers you a colourful palette of activity to whet your artistic side (Shutterstock)
Dubai’s vibrant scene offers you a colourful palette of activity to whet your artistic side (Shutterstock)

Art is often seen as a specialist industry, but Dubai’s vibrant scene offers you a colourful palette of activity to whet your artistic side, from theatre to dance, writing to painting.

A space for creativity

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or long-term resident, the centre of Dubai’s art scene is now firmly on the map. Alserkal Avenue, tucked away in the industrial area of Al Quoz, symbolises the city’s diverse population with a wide range of art galleries, talks, workshops, theatre and food. Come here to view art, make art, and even, perhaps to eat and drink art. Alserkal Avenue is growing as the city’s interest in art grows, both domestically and internationally.

A visual treat on the city’s streets

Whether you’re strolling around the old markets of Karama, or hitting the upmarket stores and restaurants at City Walk, you might be surprised to discover some breathtaking pieces adorning the city’s buildings. Specially commissioned ‘graffiti style’ art has turned many of Dubai’s districts into cool outdoor galleries - perfect for posing and perusing. Head to Satwa’s 2nd December Street to view 12 large-scale building murals around the theme of the UAE’s history and heritage, thanks to the Dubai Street Museum Project.



The theatre of life

Aside from people-watching in one of the souks, which is often like live-action theatre, there’s plenty of opportunity to watch live theatre and a host of other productions across Dubai, from the spectacular Dubai Opera to more underground, low-key performances. The city’s larger malls play host to seasonal shows, from dance and puppetry to singing and music. If you have a taste for local theatre, look out for the latest productions at The Courtyard and The Junction and for more international productions, check the schedule at the Madinat Theatre. Plan early and you can often take advantage of ‘early bird’ discounted tickets.


It’s always inspiring checking out art, but why not try your hand at creating your own? If you need a nudge of inspiration or a few tips, there are a number of places like Dubai International Arts Centre, JamJar Dubai and Gulf Photo Plus, all of which offer classes or DIY sessions and perhaps ignite a new hobby. JamJar even offers painting parties, where you can rent a session at the Al Quoz space and let your creativity run free.

Look around

Dubai’s wide range of galleries make art available to all. Alserkal Avenue has firmly established itself as the local hub for artists, with the warehouse district’s galleries covering everything from film and photography, textiles and sculpture and of course painting. The upmarket galleries at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) also offer a variety of international art, while Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood brings Dubai’s past to life through art. The city itself celebrates all things artistic with a number of annual festivals, such as art nights at Alserkal Avenue, Sikka Art Fair among the narrow alleys of Al Fahidi and Art Dubai, which fosters a deeper appreciation of all the arts.

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