Diana Karazon Confirms She's Expecting in a Unique Way

Published February 14th, 2021 - 09:02 GMT
Diana Karazon Confirms She's Expecting in a Unique Way

Diana Karazon is pregnant.

Jordanian songstress Diana Karazon has released a new music video Howe Meen (Who Is He) to celebrate Valentine's this year.

But it turned out that Diana had a special surprise revealed in the video, she confirmed that she and husband, Jordanian presenter Moath Omari are expecting.

At the end of the video, Karazon shared footage of a gold necklace that had a pregnant woman design to confirm that she's expecting after many speculations by followers in previous weeks.

Fans couldn't be happier for Diana as they hailed her with their blessings and congratulatory messages.

They wrote things like: 'You are the most beautiful mother in the world', 'Congratulation Diana', 'The diva to become a mother', 'You are the most beautiful, kindest and sweetest mother to be.. May God please you by seeing and holding your baby in your hands.'

Few minutes ago, Diana posted a thank you message on Instagram for all the people who congratulated her on pregnancy.

She shared a part of her new song Howe Meen and captioned it: 'Thanks to each and every one who congratulated me and Moath on pregnancy. The joy we've seen from you was the best and most precious love. May God keep you in my life.'

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